Monday, May 31, 2010

Follow up to proposals to Victoria Transit Commission regarding Bikes on Buses and increased carrying capacity

Well...I was able to find the minutes to the May transit commission meeting and their response to our proposals. They seemed to take it seriously and did some research, however they are not going to implement any of our suggestions. Rather disappointing!

Here is a copy of the original proposal

In my view there are many reasons why these ideas might be difficult to implement, but if there was the demand for such services and people spoke loud enough, I am sure solutions could be found. There just has to be a full committment to really integrating cycling and public transit. Yes it will cost money in some cases, but some of it will involve nothing more than a shift in thinking and setting different priorities.

Here is a link to the Victoria Transit Commission report. Decide for yourself if this item is dead in the water or not! I personally feel that we need to keep pushing for this!