Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Sooke Park N' Ride

Check out the article from the Sooke Mirror. I also had a good meeting with Manuel Achadinha this past Friday. There seem to be some technical challenges for getting a 3-Bike rack on the buses, but they are open to ideas and looking for alternatives. We also hope to get approval to allow folding bikes onboard the buses. The other big plan is to start a pilot project of allowing regular bikes onboard buses on certain runs. It would start out to be weekend runs between Victoria and Sooke, and possibly Sidney and the Ferry Terminal, this summer. That would allow larger groups and families to come to Sooke with their bikes to pedal the Goos, explore the Potholes and town area as well as Mountain Bikers to come ride in the hills! It would also allow folks from Sooke to take their bikes downtown for a day in the big city!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sooke Park N Ride

Mark Ziegler and I attended the official opening of the new Sooke Park and Ride. We will be getting 2 bike lockers with a total storage for 4 bikes, sometimes by the end of the month. The plan is to first have them painted by our local High School students.
There is also a small bike rack next to the shelter. The plans are for getting some covered bike racks as well in the near future.
I am very pleased with the enthusiasm and interest all the BC Transit staff are taking in encouraging the Cycle/Transit interface infrastructures.
I also hope to be meeting with the head of BC transit soon to discuss some other projects. He is also very keen on improving the ridership by encouraging people out of their cars. I believe he has a very good vision of how things will hopefully become; much more pedestrian and bike friendly in all our communities.

New Approved Bike Signs in the US

Here is something that we might want to start seeing on some of roads to help drivers share their precious road space!
This comes from The Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTDC) in the US


Bike to Work Victoria is putting on a 2 weekend Can Bike 2 Course. This is a fairly involved course for those serious about cycling safely on our roads. The dates are Feb 13/14 & 20/21. Cost is $150.
I will be taking the course if I can get the time off. Also there will be single day adult bike courses available later in the spring in conjunction with Bike to Work Week.
If anyone is interested contact;
Marsha Petty-Johnson
Bike to Work Victoria
Bike Skills Course Coordinator
250-744-4073 Home office
250-360-6362 Cell
250-920-5775 Office (leave message)