Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sooke Park N Ride

Mark Ziegler and I attended the official opening of the new Sooke Park and Ride. We will be getting 2 bike lockers with a total storage for 4 bikes, sometimes by the end of the month. The plan is to first have them painted by our local High School students.
There is also a small bike rack next to the shelter. The plans are for getting some covered bike racks as well in the near future.
I am very pleased with the enthusiasm and interest all the BC Transit staff are taking in encouraging the Cycle/Transit interface infrastructures.
I also hope to be meeting with the head of BC transit soon to discuss some other projects. He is also very keen on improving the ridership by encouraging people out of their cars. I believe he has a very good vision of how things will hopefully become; much more pedestrian and bike friendly in all our communities.


  1. When you meet with the head of BC Transit, I think a decent point to raise is what to do about buses only having space for two bikes. With the population of Sooke rising, and the population of cycling rising, (especially as the weather gets nicer) more people take bikes on the bus, and with buses running mostly once an hour, it's discouraging to try to gamble on the bus. Just a thought, you can do what you'd like with it, though!

  2. Hello Young Man. Thanks for your comment, and yes I will certainly be bringing up the issue of bike racks on the bus. Fortunately there is a 3-Bike rack available. I will also be discussing the possibility of having room for bikes onboard the bus for certain runs (Sooke being one of them) and the ability to bring folding bikes onboard all buses.
    BTW, I would love to talk to you sometime about some of your thoughts. It is important for you to make your concerns heard. The more people speak out the more likely we will get things done. Thanks! Give me a call or email