Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Serious about Bicycle Safety

Here is a link to a good article on bike safety from a blog done by two women. They talk a lot about how to be stylish on bikes and dress normally, but they also have good insights into safety since they are out there everyday on their bikes. This is their web; Let's Go Ride a Bike
I think it is true that we need to make it so that more people are comfortable riding our roads, not just young males in tight lycra shorts! You should feel comfortable sending your children out on their bikes or your grandmother on her 3-wheeler. The more of us out there the better for everyone, even the motorists!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Encouraging people to drive cars less

Here are some ideas floating around that I believe have merit for helping to encourage people to drive less.

Pay as you drive auto insurance; This would pro-rate your premiums based on how much you drove in a year. Check out this website and sign the petition if you think it is a good idea.
Some opponents say it is too complicated and requires sophisticated tracking devices in vehicles. Not so! It can be quite simple. When we lived in New Zealand we had to pay road user charges for diesel vehicles based on mileage. It was a simple card that was purchased and displayed in the windscreen and based on odometer readings. Here we could just have the insurance broker check the mileage. This can work!

The other idea is to have a scanguage or similar device installed on all new vehicles and to have some incentive to have people retrofit existing vehicles with one. What this does is to help you monitor your fuel economy and to put an actual fuel cost to every mile or trip that you drive. It would raise people's awareness of the cost of driving and hopefully encourage them to bike, walk, or use public transit!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pedestrian & Cycling Master Plan Public Meeting

The Regional PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLING MASTER PLAN is beginning to take shape!
Thursday, September 16th, Ambrosia Event Centre (638 Fisgard Street)
5pm to 7pm – Drop In Information Stations
  • Unveiling of the Draft Regional Networks
  • Ideas for Transit Integration
  • Proposed End of Trip Facilities
7pm to 9pm – Special Presentation and Workshop
  • Keynote: Jessica Roberts explores ways to market walking and cycling to CRD residents
Bike Valet Parking
Really Good Eats
Fabulous Prizes
Nice People
Questions? Call Sue Hallatt at 250 360 3156 or email her at shallatt@crd.bc.ca

Thursday, August 19, 2010

HWY 14 road works

Many of you will have noticed that work has begun on HWY 14 between Sooke and Luxton.
We will not be having bike lanes all the way, but here is what will be happening as per Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure;
The Asphalt Resurfacing contract which is about to get underway will be focused on specific areas which the ministry has identified for asphalt resurfacing. In these locations shoulder widths suitable for the area will be constructed or rehabilitated as needed. The areas under the current Major Works contract are;
· Fullerton Road to west of Luxton Rd.
o 2 meter paved shoulder
· Gillispie Road intersection area
o 1.5 meter paved shoulder
· Ludlow Rd (Coopers Cove) to Kaltasin Rd
o 1.5 meter paved shoulder
· Kaltasin Rd to Charters Rd
o 1.8 meter paved shoulder
At the approaches to Sooke River Bridge the following improvements are planned;
· Asphalt shoulder to be widened to 1.8 meters in width, the most noticeable improvement in this location will be seen east bound from the bridge to the bus pull out near the new park-n-ride where there currently there is little to no existing shoulder.
· Replacement of the existing low concrete roadside barrier at the approaches with a newer standard Concrete Roadside Barrier with proper approach flares/offsets approaching the bridge.
· The project has requested advice on and will implement additional signing which will alert both cyclist and drivers that the shoulders are narrowing at the bridge and to alert drivers to watch for cyclists.
I have also requested that the drainage grates on the bridge be fixed, since the way they are now, they can easily catch a cyclists tire. This will be looked after when the paving contract is complete.