Friday, August 7, 2009

Rhodonite Bike lanes

August 24th Council Meeting. This might be a good time for our members to show up at the Sooke Municipal hall to show a strong voice in support of cycle lanes. If these lanes get squashed, it could set a precedence that we don't want to see.
This is a letter from Neil Poirier;

Hi everyone,
I realize it is summer and people are not thinking about school issues however, an issue has come to my attention and I would like to have people giving it some thought. The District of Sooke is in the process of creating and adding sidewalks, walking trails and bike lanes in and around the town core. A bike lane has been proposed for Rhodonite, which has recently had it's speed limit reduced from 50 to 40 kmh, from Church to Otter Point rd. and is getting opposition from some of the residence on the road. The issue for them is that the bike lane will remove parking from the street, the issue for us is that the bike lane will add another safe option for our kids riding to and from school. I believe the issue will be brought to councils attention at a meeting on Aug 24th and would like to muster some support at the meeting. So if you can make it to the meeting and/or know someone who is interested in traffic safety and kids in Sooke let me know. I'll be out of town next week camping but will contact some of you the following week looking for support.
Hope you are all having a great summer.
Neil Poirier

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  1. Looks like the bike lanes wont be happening on least for now. Here is a quote from Dave Bennett regarding the council decision;
    "Council chose not to install bike lanes on Rhodonite Drive at this time. However,
    -it did focus a LOT of discussion on driving and riding habits, and the value of our existing and future trails system
    -staff was asked to bring back a report to Council on installing the bike symbol on our main collector roads"

    We will be pursuing this matter in the weeks to come to see where we need to go.