Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Symposium plans for next spring

Last week we had our first meeting for planning a bicycling symposium in Sooke for next year. It was well attended and we are working on ideas.
The plan right now is for it to be a Cycling and Sustainable Transportation Symposium/Fair
We hope to have various speakers on cycling issues, possibilities and attractions. As well there will be vendors showcasing electric bicycles, hybrids, comfort bikes, recumbent and semi-recumbent, trikes, and folding bikes. This is to help people to see the possibilities that are out there for using cycles as recreation and transportation alternatives. We might also have some electric scooters, Low Speed Electric Vehicles and electric cars.
We also hope to have participation from local governments, BC Transit, RCMP and other interested and related organizations.
We are looking for feedback and ideas as well as people willing to help out with the planning and implementation.
I think this is very exciting. We have a great opportunity here to help bring more members of the public into a different mindset on transportation. I hope that we will draw people from the local area as well as from Victoria, Southern Vancouver Island and possibly from farther afield.
Contact us with your ideas and if you would like to help.

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