Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chip Sealing of our roads

The Comox Valley Cycling Coalition is dealing with a very important issue on the treatment of our rural roads. Check out their website for more info. This will very much affect the ride-ability of many of our roads for cyclists, but the effects on motor vehicle traffic is also significant. It increases wear and tear on tires, increases noise levels on the road, and it decreases fuel economy due to higher rolling resistance. (That will also make it harder to cycle longer distances) Why are they wanting to do it? It is about 20% cheaper than the existing method. So the government will save money and the citizens will have to spend more! We need to talk to our MP's and MLA's on this one!

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to our website on your blog, Stephen. I will return the favor.

    I just came back from out Chip Seal Evaluation Ride and it was a success. We had 115 riders out for it, including several local politicians and our MLA Don MacRae who said some words of support for the promotion of cycling to the riders.
    All cyclists filled out questionaires on site and we have an online survey for cyclists who could not make it to the ride today.
    We will probably keep this survey going for at least a month before tabulating the results and discussing them with the MOTI.
    That's when I expect the real work will begin and we will likely get the BCCC involved in it.

    We'll keep you informed.

    Happ days and safe cycling to everyone in Sooke.
    Ed Schum