Thursday, February 4, 2010

Proposal to BC Transit

We will be making another presentation to BC Transit on March 9th.
Here is a link to the proposals that we are presenting.
Please take the time to read them, then if you support these proposals, print, fill out and sign the Letter of Support, and then scan and email back to or send via snail-mail. Alternatively, you can post the Petition at you place of work, and get many people to sign. That can be sent back via email as well, or contact Stephen to arrange a pick up. I would like to have all our names back by the 1st week of March.
Note; If you want to print any of these documents, it is better to download them to get the proper formatting as a Word Document. (Google Docs loses some of the formatting)

Juan De Fuca Cycling Coalition
2179 Henlyn Dr.
Sooke, BC V9Z 0N5

The more people we have showing support for this, the more likely it will happen. These initiatives have benefits for all communities served by BC Transit

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