Monday, April 5, 2010

BC Transit Proposals

Transit Commission Meeting; On March 9th I made a presentation to the BC Transit Commission and presented 3 proposals;
  1. Pilot project to allow bikes on board buses on the Sooke-Victoria and Victoria- Swartz Bay run during summer weekends.
  2. Retro-fit these same routes with racks capable of carrying 3 bikes
  3. Create a policy of allowing folding bikes on board all buses
Here is a link to the actual proposal

All of these proposals were received very well and John Luton was there as well, speaking in support of improving the Cycling/Transit interface and supporting our proposals.

It looks like they will try the Pilot Project and allow folding bikes as well. We should know by the May Transit Commission meeting. The 3 Bike racks have some technical challenges but they will be looking into this as well, though it might take a bit longer to implement. The BC Transit staff was given direction to look into all these proposals and report back in May.

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