Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New signs on Sooke River Bridge/ HWY 14; SHARE THE ROAD

Part of the work we are doing with MOTI is trying to get some signage on the highway. This is one of the first steps at the Sooke River Bridge and Ayum Creek Bridge. I believe this will help with awareness and hopefully help legitimize the presence of bicycles on the highway. (Some people still think that they aren't allowed or shouldn't be there)

And here is a photo that helps remind us why we need to be vigilant...and sometimes downright scared riding on the shoulder of highways!
Yikes! Glad I wasn't riding there!


  1. The signs are a real step (pedal) forward for safer cycling in our community.

    Well done Stephen!


  2. Golden recently got some new signs just like that too! Took about a year of working with MoT to make it happen though!